The clouds looked fierce and angry today

The clouds looked fierce and angry for today’s #cityscape I don’t think the gods are happy with us.

Whenever the clouds are like this, it reminds me of my time living in Holland. Rumor has it, that the Romans referred to Holland as the gates of hell because of how bad the weather was. It rains constantly, which makes for pretty, green grass but makes for horrible outings if your outing depends on having dry ground.

Anyway, these clouds remind me of Holland.

Touch the sky….

Today’s #cityscape shot is leading us to touch the sky.

Takes me back to the days when I first moved to this sleepy town. People would ask me “where is Austin?” and they’d be surprised that there was another city in Texas besides Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso.

Nowadays, I think that more people know about Austin, even if they might not have any idea about where in Texas it is.

I’d love to live in one of the two apartment buildings pictured here. The problem, of course, is that you’d be living downtown in the middle of all the homeless people. Oh, and did I mention the lady that got stabbed in the neck at the closest grocery store to these buildings?

Inner city living FTW.

Photography Blogging

I’ve been working on my photography business lately. It’s going well, or maybe I should say better than before. The problem, is that I need a place to blog about the photography business and whatnot.

So, that’s the issue that I’m facing.

Do I start a brand new blog, just for photography, or do I just start blogging about my photography here… that, is the question.

I’m still developing my style, but if there was a photography style that I want to grow towards, it’s shooting like this photo here:


I took that during a photo shoot yesterday. I like how the clouds look, I like how he’s lit too. If I’m honest, I’d want a little more back light and a little bit more light on his face. Whence the whole thing about developing my style a bit more.

Overall, I like this photo, and so did the client. Ultimately, what matters is making the client happy, right?