A Short Post

As I wrote out my article for tonight’s game, I was reminded of the quip:

“I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one instead.”

I’m paraphrasing a little, but the point is that writing something short and concise takes more time than writing something that is neither. You never quite appreciate that until you have to tell the story of what happened during a baseball game in 300 words or less.


I’m Not The Only Avgeek In Town

When I was out at the observation park at ABIA, I looked over and saw this guy’s setup. Me? I stand on a mound and hand hold my camera.

This guy, has the right idea. He setup his tripod in the bed of this truck and was setup for the long haul. He has a place to sit, he’s up over the fence, and best of all, he’s right in front of where the planes turn onto the runway.


I should have gone over and introduced myself to a fellow avgeek, but apparently, I’m much less friendly in person than I am online. Maybe not less friendly, but less outgoing.

It looks like he’s shooting with a Tamron, maybe a 150-500 or something like that. It telescopes out, so it was not the pro grade but perhaps the prosumer grade lens. I didn’t get a good look at the camera, but I’m still impressed with his setup.

SB2 A Photo Essay

I went to the Texas Capitol building to take some pictures of the people there that were either in favor of, or opposed to SB2. The day that I was there, happened to be a day when the supporters of the bill were having an event.

SB2, is the bill that pertains to making abortion essentially illegal in the State of Texas. So, instead of addressing the real issues in the state, Governor Good Hair called a special session to deal with abortion.

Here are a few of the pictures that I took that day. A photo essay, if you will.

Focusate As In To Focus Intently

infamous mirror selfie at fadoAn old friend of mine used to be a teacher. One day, one of the kids in her class said something along the lines that he needed to “focusate” better. After a little bit of prodding, she determined that “focusate” means something along the lines of focusing intently on a task in order to do it right.

Looks to me, like I need to “focusate” on my business and define it a little bit better.

Basically, this means that (within reason) anything that is not directly related to the business, is not as important as something related to the photography business.

It also means that I’ll know who I need to target and who I need to focus, or focusate, on.

What I’ve decided, is that this blog, in its current form will likely go away. I just don’t have the time or energy needed for upkeep. I’ll probably just fold it into my tumblr blog and leave it at that.

I’ll launch a photography related blog and just focusate on that instead. Seriously, who cares about my opinions and my feels about random things online, right? Exactly.

Now, the question to you, my humble few readers, is what url should I use for the photography blog? Here are your choices:

  • photorafael.com
  • texphotos.com
  • texassportsphotos.com
  • senioryearphotos.com
  • seniorpictures.me
  • rafaelmp.com
  • blog.rafaelmarquezphotography.com
  • rafaelmarquez.me (just turn this into a photography blog)

I realize that those are a lot to chose from, but yeah. Vote in the comments and let me know what you think!