Just Like That, I’m Not A Fan Of Ricky Martin’s Music

I need to clarify, that my change pertains Ricky Martin’s music and not the actor or person that he is. I still think that he has done great things for latin people, but I feel that his “Latin Lover” role has gotten away from him since he came out of the closet.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with his sexuality, no one can control who they love and who they are attracted to OK? I have nothing but love and respect for the person that is Ricky Martin, but I cannot listen to his music anymore.

I was driving back from Houston over the weekend when the latest Ricky Martin song came on the radio. It was a decent song, it had a decent beat, the lyrics were all about love and passion and I should have loved the song. I didn’t, I actually couldn’t even finish listening to it.

I could not separate in my head whether he was singing to a guy or a girl and just like that, I was no longer a fan of Ricky Martin’s music. I don’t have a problem with him singing to a guy, I just need to know that he’s singing to a guy. Is that too much to ask for?

I know that in “Livin la vida loca” he talks about a woman and how her lips and her body made him do things that he never thought he would do and whatever, but seriously, what was he even talking about?

I just went down the rabbit hole thinking about what he was talking about (What if it wasn’t a biological female? Was Ricky cheating on his boyfriend with a woman is that why that was such a big deal? etc.) and just like that, I can’t listen to his new song or his old music anymore.