Overpriced Things We Buy

Water Bottles
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This list starts off strong, but then ends in a wimper. The original site has 6 things on the list, the other 3 items are bottled water, printer ink and name brand fashion.

Sorry, but to me, having “name brand fashion” on the list is lame. Greeting cards are kind of iffy to me, but I’ll agree with the rest of the items on the list.

What would you add to this list?

I’ll add electricity as an overpriced item. Why? Because even though my utility company isn’t paying more for fuel, isn’t building new infrastructure, isn’t issuing any bonds to pay for new projects or anything even remotely like that they continue to increase what I have to pay per Kw/h.

Then, they have the brass cojones to announce record profits and claim that it’s due to their great “management” and want to talk about how management deserves a raise for the great work they’re doing.

1. Movie popcorn

After considering that movie theaters purchase popcorn in bulk, the average markup of movie theater popcorn is a whopping 1,275%. At such prices, you’d think those buttery bags were laced with gold.

2. Greeting cards

Since when does a folded-up piece of paper cost $2.99? Since someone slaps a precious kitty picture and a cleverly written message on it and then stamps the back of it with a logo. That’s right — we’re talking about those pricey greeting cards.

3. College textbooks

In 2010, the annual in-state cost for the typical state university soared to more than $15,000, and private colleges now charge an average of $35,600 a year. As if college kids (and their parents) aren’t financially drained enough, there’s yet another inflated price they face: college textbooks. College students spend an average of $900 a year on textbooks and other supplies.Read more at articles.moneycentral.msn.com