Selfish Military Wife Loses 100lbs & Surprises Husband

OK, so this may not be a popular position about this. I read this article here about a military wife that decided to lose 100lbs to surprise her husband while he was deployed overseas. I think, she was unbelievable selfish when she did that.

You see, he didn’t care about her weight. He never mentioned it, he loved her unconditionally. She on the other hand, had no regards for his feelings and for his love and decided to change her appearance to please herself.

There’s nothing wrong with pleasing yourself, I myself very much like to please myself, but the way that this woman did this is despicable.

I don’t think that this lady deserves any accolades for losing all that weight to “surprise” her husband. There is nothing happy about that.

He was deployed overseas, and for a year this woman lied to him about what she was doing and what was going on with her. She lied to him about her life, she lied to him everytime they talked by not telling him that she was losing weight.

He was longing for the day when he would come home to be with his Rubenesque wife and take solace in her ample bosom or whatever only to be denied that. How is that fair to him?

He loved her for who she was, but she couldn’t be happy with that. She had to go and selfishly lose weight and become someone that he probably never would have loved in the first place.

Well done lady. Good job ruining your marriage.