James Ray’s Manslaughter Trial Continues

I think that what Carl Hammerschlag MD said over on the Droid’s post where he updates on the James Ray trial, sums up quite nicely what happened in the sweat lodge:

Here’s my summary of the first week of James Arthur Ray’s trial. Ray is the motivational guru charged with involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of 3 people during a sweat lodge ceremony in Oct. 2009. Last week, the first witnesses were called; survivors of that sweat lodge. They described the intensity of the heat, the unfolding sickness and watching their friends die.

Ray’s attorneys asked these witnesses if they could have left the lodge at any time. They said yes, and explained the reason they chose to stay in was because they wanted to experience these events that they believed were meant to help them gain control over their lives. They liked James Ray, believed he had something to teach that they wanted to learn, and they trusted him.

The participants signed the waivers saying they knew the experience came with dangers. Ray told them about the risks, even exaggerated them telling participants his sweat lodges were “not for wimps”, they were so hot they would feel as if their “flesh was falling off their bones”. His sweats were not for wimps. This was a Spiritual Warrior retreat and if they dropped out they weren’t committed to making the changes they said they wanted to. Ray told them that this was the ultimate battle and that they “could live an honorable life, devote themselves 100% to everything they do, or they could exit dishonorably.

This experience bears no resemblance to an authentic Native American sweat lodge; a sacred ceremony intended to open your mind/body/spirit to seeing something that you need to know, not potentially kill you. The leader doesn’t decide what you need to see or learn, that’s between you and the ‘stone people’ whose steam is the breath of your ancestors. The Native sweat lodge is intended to illuminate the spirit, not eliminate it.

Ray may have outlined the risks, and he may not have physically kept them from leaving, but he made it difficult to do so. Those participants paid up to $9,000 to participate and they wanted to get their money’s worth. They signed the waiver believing he would deliver what he promised, taking them on a journey of intense experience, and leading them out the other side.

This was more than an intense experience; it was a fraudulent violation of trust.

Here’s an ABC news report that shows pictures from the 2008 sweat lodge that the judge won’t let the jurors see. After watching this report, and seeing the pictures, I get the feeling that James Ray knew what was happening, and acted recklessly.

I’m still surprised to find people on twitter that don’t know that James Ray is on trial on three counts of manslaughter. I’m also surprised that these same people don’t know that James Ray’s attorney’s say that he is BROKE and HAS NO MONEY.

If James Ray continues to be your spiritual and financial leader, even knowing all of this, you are stupid.

If you can’t or won’t see James Ray for the charlatan that he is, you are stupid.

If you still believe that the infomercial and sales pamphlet known as “The Secret” is anything other than an infomercial and a sales pamphlet for charlatans, you are stupid.

Here’s some more video from ABC from back when James Ray was arrested. Also, Brad Brian, for all intents and purposes, lies throughout his entire interview.

Here’s your sign.

Fake Guru James Ray On Trial For Manslaughter

Looks like the trial of James “Death” Ray is underway. He’s the fake guru/conman on trial for orchestrating a sweat lodge ceremony where 3 people died.

Obviously, he plead “not guilty” which semantically isn’t the same as “innocent” but that’s a whole other story.

I say he’s a fake and a conman because his whole schtick is about “creating wealth” and creating the “life that you want” or some such bull. However, during pre-trial motions, his attorneys claimed that Death Ray is not a wealthy man at all, that he was broke and barely making it.

Mind you, Death Ray presented himself as a wealthy and youthful person that could “teach you the way to wealth” etc. Ray was one of the prominent people featured in the mockumentary scammy sales video “The Secret” and was also pimped hard by Oprah. So, on the surface, it looked like he was making the money that he claimed.

Turns out he wasn’t.

Turns out, according to court papers, the guy is broke as a joke. Maybe all the money is hidden offshore to avoid paying taxes, which to me, really only makes it worse. But the guy is broke.

He was also taking a lot of supplements like testosterone, hgh, a slew of vitamins and other medications to keep up his “youthful” appearance. Even that was fake.

Turns out, that Ray’s only “guru” training came from selling AT&T services to people in seminars. Turns out, other than being good at scamming money out of people, Ray has no qualifications to do anything at all.

So, I’m glad he’s getting his day in court.

I pray that the families of Kirby Brown, Liz Neuman and James Shore get some kind of closure by seeing the man responsible for the deaths of their loved ones being put on trial for his actions.

Here’s a link where you can learn more about James Ray. Be warned there is a lot of off color language on that site.

Amplify’d from www.kpho.com
SEDONA, Ariz. — Self-help guru James Ray faces manslaughter charges in the deaths of three people during a ceremony that he led in 2009. He’s pleaded not guilty.

While jury selection for Ray’s trial continues Wednesday, a witness who participated in the sweat lodge ceremony said it feels like yesterday.

CBS 5 News sat down with one of the survivors to tell the story he said people haven’t heard.

It’s a difficult conversation for Mark Rock to have, but he said people need to know what it was like inside the sweat lodge from someone who lived to tell it.

“The world stopped that day for the people that were there,” Rock said.

He had been to Angel Valley, the Sedona-area resort where the retreat was held, before. Rock was at Ray’s spiritual warrior retreat in 2008.

“It was very fulfilling for me,” Rock remembered.

So he decided to come back the following year, this time as a member of Ray’s team.

Rock said that from the beginning, the 2009 event was different.

“Well, the whole event was more aggressive,” he said.

He described a changed James Ray.

“There was a level of agitation with him, and a lack of tolerance I felt in the people that were participating in the event,” he said.

It was evident, he said, as they stepped into the sweat lodge.

Rock was surrounded by those who didn’t survive: Kirby Brown, Liz Neuman and James Shore.

Read more at www.kpho.com


James Arthur Ray: Creating Absolute Nonsense

This is a cool video of James Ray. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything about the guy since other people are doing a great job at it. Just for the love of Google, James Arthur Ray, is the fake new wage guru that killed 4 people in 90 days during 2009. The guy, for some unknown reason, kept a video urging people to come to one of his $1000 events in San Diego. It just so happens that Colleen Conaway died at that event while under the “care” of Death Ray and his staff.

Here’s a guy claiming to want to teach you to create harmonic wealth, whatever that is, yet his attorney says that “James is not a wealthy guy.” I guess the attorney didn’t see any of the materials that Death Ray put out where he brags about how wealthy he is.

Hats off to Salty Droid for creating the video!