Killing The Language

I decided to start doing a “killing the language” series of posts.


Have you ever thought about how we kill the language everyday? Either through misuse of words, or using the incorrect word or just through bad phrasing and sloppy grammar. I will admit, I am guilty of all of the aforementioned crimes. Specially the sloppy grammar one, but I digress.

I don’t know what kind of frequency I will post these, but it’s something that I feel compelled to write about from time to time. I partake in the killing of the language as much as the next person. Like I said, I’m both an observer, and a participant.

Here’s an example:

The word “segue” meaning a smooth transition from one subject to another. Most people would not think twice about writing it “segway” which is the brand name for a personal motorized device.

Here’s another example:

I would love to know how you get a “three hand car wash.” Is it done by three people that are only using one hand each, or two people using a combination of hands or is it something else altogether?

Do any of y’all remember the three breasted lady from “Total Recall?” I would imagine that these “three hand car washes” could be done by a single martian mutant with three hands or something like that. I’d pay full price that kind of a car wash.