10 Crazy Business Ideas That Actually Worked

I love this article. I think the funniest one on here is: FARMVILLE!

Dot-com star Tony Hsieh initially was skeptical that Zappos could succeed. The concept, he thought, was “the poster child of bad Internet ideas,” because he doubted shoppers would buy shoes they couldn’t try on. But Hsieh became the company’s chief executive and helped sell the company to Amazon.com (AMZN) in 2009 for $888 million.

In 1975, Gary Dahl was a 38-year-old advertising executive joking around with pals when he hit upon the idea of selling rocks in paper crates and calling them pets. The gag would earn him a lot of money.

Companies such as FedEx (FDX) and Amazon weren’t instant hits with a skeptical — or downright dismissive — investment community. And remember when Twitter seemed like a joke? The company was recently valued at $1 billion. What a riot!

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