10 ways to schedule Facebook status updates

I don’t think that the most important activity anyone does on Facebook is to update their status. To me, the most important activity is cyber stalk… I mean, keeping up with old and new friends :-).

Having said that, I can see that scheduling status updates can be something useful.

I like the free tools below, because well, I’m cheap like that. On thecopypasteblog, they have a step by step break down of how to schedule your status updates using the various tools. Here are the 10 tools:

1. Tweedeck
2. Hootsuite
3. CoTweet
4. Su.pr
5. Social Tomorrow
6. Later Bro
7. Sendible
8. Social Oomph (formerly known as tweetlater)
9. Schedule Facebook updates via email
10. Selective Tweets Facebook Application

I’ve used the scheduling features of Hootsuite and love it.

Amplify’d from thecopypasteblog.com
The most important activity any Facebook user does is updating his/her Facebook status. In order to manage time you must also schedule yourself while using Facebook,  So placing a timer besides you and then staying on Facebook doesn’t work all the time. So I have found few online tools,applications and tricks to schedule your Facebook status update while you are busy working or sleeping .Read more at thecopypasteblog.com


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