12 Things To Takeaway From Bush’s Book

I don’t know that this guy ever read a book, now he’s written one. I’m really not the least bit surprised by any of these 12 points.

I do think it’s funny that Kanye hurt his feelings. I guess Bush has that in common with Taylor Swift, but at least Taylor Swift was man enough to not whine about it in a book.

Amplify’d from www.salon.com
Bush is still linking Saddam to WMD:
He “did consider” replacing Cheney in 2003:
Kanye West’s post-Katrina comments hit hard:
Cheney’s friendship factored into the Scooter Libby decision:
His mother showed him the fetus of his would-be sibling:
He explicitly permitted waterboarding:
He thinks his Texas governorship prepared him for 9/11:
A bioterror scare in 2001 prompted fears that Bush had been infected:
He takes a shot at his old political foe, John McCain:
Putin’s got a big dog:
He was a “dissenting voice” on Iraq:
He also will not issue an apology for the Iraq war:Read more at www.salon.com


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