3 Colombian Teens on Facebook ‘Hit List’ Killed

Puerto Asis
Photo by: a_isacson on Flickr

Yikes! Everyone on the list was, or had been given 3 days to get out of town or face execution.

Parents who have kids on the list have started to send their kids out of town, in compliance with the terms.

I wonder if people will protest against Facebook opening an office in their neighborhood since terrorists are using Facebook. I’m pretty sure that something like this is against the Facebook Terms Of Service.

Amplify’d from www.aolnews.com
(Aug. 24) — In a grim reminder of how seemingly banal online activities are increasingly bleeding over into the real world, where consequences are real and forever, three Colombian teenagers whose names appeared, along with 97 others, on a multipart “hit list” posted to Facebook were fatally shot in the past two weeks, according to multiple international reports.

Even more frightening, police don’t know who is responsible for the killings and the list itself, or the reason for the selection of names that appear upon it, although some of the victims allegedly had ties to members of drug gangs.

Colombian news website El Espacio reports that it was the work of Los Rastrojos (“The Stubble”), which has been described as “one of the most powerful neo-paramilitary drug organizations of the country,” and has a history of making and following through on death threats. Read more at www.aolnews.com


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