5 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Stick

I hate New Year’s Resolutions. I think that they are a complete waste of time and they accomplish not a damn thing.

The beauty of my position, is that it is actually backed up by real science. There’s a TED talk from some dude that talks about how you shouldn’t tell people your goals because telling people your goals produces the same good feelings that actually accomplishing your goals does.

Here’s the video:


Anyway, here are the 5 reasons why your new year’s resolutions won’t stick:
  1. You lack discipline. You won’t actually stick to working out 3 times a week and eating better. Don’t bother setting that as a goal because you lack the discipline to commit.
  2. You can’t commit. If you were committed to reaching your goals. you wouldn’t need a resolution now would you?
  3. No one cares. No one gives a crap about your resolution. Keep that shite to yourself.
  4. You’re not motivated by goals. Face it, goals mean nothing to you, which is why you’re creating resolutions based on an arbitrary date.
  5. You don’t care. Come to terms with the fact that you don’t care about sticking to the resolutions that you came up with. It’s fine, no one else cares about your resolutions either.
  6. Bonus: You already have your excuses for why you will fail to meet your resolutions.

There you have it, that’s why you won’t stick to your resolutions. Don’t blame me for your failure to accomplish your goals.

Suck it Trebek.


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