5 Things That Can’t Be Copyrighted

Had a recent discussion with some folks on here about copyrights and fair use and whatnot. In any case, plagiarismtoday.com is, in my opinion, one of the best and most informative sites that deal with copyrights.

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Modern copyright law can feel extremely broad at times. Every creative work made, whether it is a doodle on a napkin, a photograph or a poem, once it is fixed into a tangible medium of expression, the creator holds the copyright to it. No notice nor any further action is required (though registration with the U.S. Copyright Office has many added benefits).

Still, there are many things that can not be copyrighted. They either don’t fall under the jurisdiction of copyright or don’t qualify for its protection. There are also exemptions and that place some content immediately into the public domain.

1. Titles and Names

2. Ideas

3. Works By the U.S. Federal Government

4. Works Without Authorship/Facts

5. Fashion

Bottom Line

Copyright is everywhere. Every video, every picture, every written piece, every audio file, every sculpture, every building design created this year will be copyright protected, at least initially and at least to some degree.

However, there are places that copyright’s protection does not reach and those places are worth noting just as strongly as what it does protect.

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