60 months to live

If someone tells you that the median duration of something is 30 months, can you legit assume that the maximum span is 60 months?

If, for instance, you’re told you have cancer and the median lifespan of someone with that type of cancer is 30 months, would you be wrong to think the maximum life span is 60 months?

I believe that yes, you would be wrong.

The median just means that there are an equal number of people that live beyond 30 months as there are people that don’t make it to that number. It says nothing about how long the outliers lived both on the top and the bottom end of the median.

So, what’s the takeaway?

Basically, median lifespan does not mean life expectancy and it certainly does not mean that you’re going to die at the median point. There is some level of peacefulness that comes from knowing or having an idea about the median lifespan but at the end of the day, median lifespan doesn’t mean anything.

How long you live after a diagnosis doesn’t matter as much as how you live after your diagnosis.


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  • June 28, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    How you go out is far more greater than how you go out, does it make sense

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