7 Steps To Recover From Business Mistakes

This is a cool post from Vicki Flaugher of SmartWomanGuides that goes over 7 things that you can do to recover from business mistakes. She breaks the 7 actions down into actionable steps and walks you through them.

Here are the 7 steps, but if you want to know the specific how to’s, you’ll need to go to Vicki’s site to read them.

1.  Take a deep breath.

2.  Assess the situation honestly.

3.  Get help.

4.  Take considered action.

5.  Learn from your mistake.

6.  Say you are sorry.

7.  Laugh at yourself!

Smart Woman Guide: How to Recover From Mistakes in Your Business


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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for featuring my blog post, Rafael. I find that so many entrepreneurs, especially women, totally freak out when they make a mistake and don’t recover very skillfully. I know women who have actually quit jobs over a mistake they made instead of just picking themselves up, dusting themselves off, and continuing on. Hope your audience finds value in it!

  2. Rafael says:

    You’re welcome Vicki! I felt that your message was important enough to share, so I did 🙂