A shot of my old college dorm

When I returned to college, for what I like to call my second freshman year, I lived in this dorm. Why? because I essentially painted myself into a corner and I needed a place to live for the year.

I did the math, and staying here was cheaper than renting an apartment somewhere and then having to worry about food and transportation. Living in this particular dorm made sense, and the price was right.

What I did not count on, was that the place shut down during holidays because they expected that people would have a place to go. I did not have a place to go, so I relied on the kindness of relative strangers for a place to stay during the Christmas break.

I was an asshole to these people. I’m sure of it.

I’m sorry I was an ass.

Yesterday, while in traffic I took a shot if my old college dorm. @dobiecenter #atx #austin


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