Adding Header Content In Concrete5

When you’re using Concrete5, you may have a need to create a page that redirects the user to a different page or site altogether. Much like the “Page Redirects To” WordPress plugin does. That I’m aware of, there is no equivalent plugin for Concrete5.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t redirect one page to another, it just means that you have to do it manually by editing the page header.

Let me save you a lot of time, and just give you the code that you need to put in the header:

You need to add the above code to the “Header Extra Content” field of the page.

When you’re creating you new page in Concrete5, from the “Custom Attributes” menu, select “Header Extra Content” and then paste the text above into the window.

Header extra content

Make sure you change the “http://your-website-dot-com” to the actual page that you want to redirect to.


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