Amplify Shuts Down

My online buddy Navo tipped me off that Amplify had shutdown the other day. I went over there and sure enough, I was greeted by this:

I used to like Amplify, I liked them a lot. But then, they made some changes that I did not like, which made me stop using the site as much as I used to. Actually, I stopped using the site altogether.

It used to be a great place that you could find out about cool stuff to look at online, then you could comment on it and “amplify” the message to your own followers. I had over 1000 followers on there when I stopped using it, so I had invested a good amount of time and effort over there.

Ultimately, the changes Amplify made, made it too easy for spammers to automate their messaging and then it all pretty much went downhill from there.

I really enjoyed the early days of Amplify, but not so much the middle and end days.

I never did get much traffic from Amplify to here, but I did get some decent content from there. Now I need to decide how to find a way to find all of that content and change the dead links.

Here’s the bottom line with Amplify: They had it right at first, then they got it wrong and by the time they corrected course, it was too late.

They’d lost their early adopters to tumblr, which pretty much lets you do the same thing that Amplify used to let you do which is to find and share great content online.

The bottom line for you, is that whenever you have the option to create something that runs on someone else’s platform, you always run the risk of losing all of your work. You lose your work either when that other service goes belly up or when they decide to change policies and they end up leave you out in the cold.

Were you on Amplify? Did you lose a lot of content when they went belly up?


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