Angry little man crashes his plane into an IRS building in Austin, TX

Today, February 18 2010, a “man” named Joseph Stack flew his single engine plane into a building. Apparently, he was angry at the IRS, so he decided to fly his plane into a building that housed IRS offices.

Before flying his plane into the building, he set fire to his house while his wife and daughter were still inside.

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Luckily, the wife and daughter got out of their house before it was engulfed in flames. Then, Stack drove to the airport in Georgetown (about 25 miles north of Austin) got in his plane and flew it into the IRS building, full of people that were just doing their job.

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One of the news organizations in Austin made the astute observation that Stack “did not file a flight plan.” I don’t imagine he would file a flight plan that said he was going fly into the IRS building in north Austin, but I digress.

Here’s some footage from a local news channel:

Here’s a link to CNN’s latest updates on the crash.

At some point, Mr. Stack had enough time to post his suicide note on his website at:

I’m not sure how long that site will remain up, and the letter is pretty long and rambly. I’ll sum it up for you:

  • The guy was angry at the IRS
  • He was angry at the government
  • He was angry at the catholic church
  • He was also angry at the rest of the world.
  • He was angry about the recent corporate bailouts
  • He thought that he didn’t have to pay taxes, the IRS informed him otherwise, several times.

More news about the event is here:

Apparently, this is the plane that he flew into the building.

This is a sad story all the way around. I’m really just posting this to vent a little.


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