Arpaio Gives Sarah Palin Some Pink Underwear

Someone on twitter said that Palin can’t expect to “go rogue” forever.

Come to think of it, I’m surprised to learn that there’s a group that thinks that the Tea Party is “too liberal.” I’d probably support a group that came out and said that the Tea party is “too stupid” but alas, there is no such thing.

Since I know that you want to see the hubub, here’s the link to the Arpaio provided picture.

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At a Tea Party Express (an organization which thinks the Tea Party is dangerously liberal) rally in Maricopa County, AZ over the weekend, Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave Sarah Palin a pair of pink underwear. Now you may be saying, OH MY GOD THAT’S SO NOT NORMAL but in some cultures the Traditional Giving of the Panties is quite customary. Like in Pervert and Sexual Deviants Cultures. At least they weren’t edible or crotchless. That we know of.

You remember Arpaio. He’s the sheriff who forces his inmates to wear pink underwear so clearly there’s some sort of fetish there. He even offered to send a pair to Glenn Beck but Beck didn’t want them after he discovered they had no magical powers.




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