Audiobooks, a love story

I just got through reading an interview of Neil Gaiman aka @neilhimself on twitter over on NPR. Neil talks about his love of audio books and he got me to realize something.

I love audio books.

I never really came to terms with this until I read that piece on NPR. My love affair started when I used to commute for an hour each way, everyday several years ago. Listening to the radio just wasn’t cutting it, and I got bored of my music collection, so audio books came in to the picture.

I think the my first audio book was “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement” by Eliyahu M Goldratt. Followed by some biographies, some fiction books and so on. When the iPod came out, I discovered

I’ve had an account with audible, off and on, for years. I love it.

I love listening to books when I drive to and from work, even though my current commute is only 15 minutes long. There have  been times when I find myself sitting in the car in the parking lot listening to book just to see what’s going to happen next.

If there’s one thing that I dislike about audio books, it’s not having the tactile interaction with the pages. There have been times when I wished I had the actual book so I could write notes in the margins. Also, sometimes, the reader is just wrong for a book, but I can usually get over it.

Anyway, if you have a long commute, or just want to read more books, get an account on audible and listen to some books. It’ll make your commute go by faster and keep your brain busy with something pleasurable.

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