Awesome video about “The Secret”

I came across this video on a different website, and it was just too good not to repost. It’s no secret that I think the book and infomercial “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction” is all a load of malarky.

Let me count the ways…

Featured in “The Secret” book/ infomercial are a bunch of people like James Arthur Ray, David Schirmer, Joe Vitale, Bill Harris and others.

  • Yesterday, February 3rd James Arthur Ray, aka Death Ray, was arrested for killing 3 people at a sweat lodge in Arizona. Death Ray was charged with Manslaughter, which is unintentional homicide.
  • David Schirmer appears to be a fraud addict. He has been featured on many different news channels for his tendency to take people’s money and not delivering on his promises. David Schirmer is also notorious for being a stock broker/ advisor that can’t seem to pick any winning stocks.
  • Bill Harris sells something called “HoloSync” or maybe hollow stink??, that was required reading during the Death Ray seminars. Apparently, these $300 CDs that he sells are done much better by other people and they only charge $49. Harris also acts like a big d-bag.
  • Joe Vitale, sells you among other things, photocopies of pictures of Russian dolls and wants to convince you that the photocopies have some kind of mystical power, just like the real dolls do. It’s the Law of Attraction at work.
  • Given that Death Ray was in “The Secret” and all of the shenanigans that have ensued from a lot of the people featured in that infomercial, I feel it’s appropriate to post this nice video created by some folks from Australia.

    I’m not sure why, but Youtube is being janky with loading embeded videos, so please be patient, or click here to watch the video on youtube.

    The video features both Schirmer and Death Ray, which in my opinion is just a really nice bonus.


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