Bad Lawyers At The James Ray Manslaughter Trial

unfrozen caveman lawyerWhen I think of a bad lawyer, I think of a person that works out of a little rinky dink office, maybe in a strip mall somewhere. Maybe in a converted storage facility or something like that. I would’ve never think that lawyers with fancy names and fancy offices would be bad lawyers.

Until this James Ray manslaughter trial.

The folks over at Monger Tolles & Olson have demonstrated that they don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to criminal cases. For the $1 million + in blood money that James Ray gave them, you’d think they’d have a clue.

Here’s an example of what I mean, courtesy of the droid. It deals with testimony that was given by a witness for the prosecution, a lady names Jennifer Haley. Truc Do, is one of the Monger attorneys representing James Ray. Liz Neuman, is one of the victims that died. Ms. Polk, is the District Attorney.

Truc Do tried to soften the sting of this story on cross examination :: but softening doesn’t seem to be her speciality. She foolishly asked Jennifer Haley to agree that this sad incident had nothing to do with Liz Neuman staying in the sweat lodge. Jennifer Haley did not agree. Ms. Do insisted :: so Ms. Haley also insisted that it absolutely had something to do with it. It was awesome! Ms. Do made the same mistake by tell-asking Ms. Haley about the likelihood that having your head shaved would make you more willing to stay in the lodge. Ms. Do forced Ms. Haley to insist that it was a reason for staying in the lodge. Ms. Haley said that in her experience as a hair dresser for 20 years :: women are especially vulnerable after changing their hair … and outside of camp Death Ray … she’d never done anything as drastic as a head shaving. Again … it was awesome! Had Ms. Polk tried to induce the same answers from Ms. Haley the defense’s objections would have been well sustained.

Not to be left behind, Luis Li, another of the Monger attorneys on team Death Ray, had to show us why he’s the “lead” attorney in this case. This next quote is also from the droid. Mr. Dennis Mehrevar, is another witness/participant at the event.

Luis Li’s cross of Mr. Mehrevar contained two :: almost unbelievably epic :: blunders. Mr. Li wanted Mr. Mehrevar to admit that :: like Mr. Ray :: he was offering “words of encouragement” to other participants about not leaving the lodge. Mr. Mehrevar said he wasn’t really being encouraging :: he was just parroting Mr. Ray’s words per the instructions. Mr. Li insisted that he was being encouraging :: and by doing so induced Dennis to say :: “I was just following what Mr. Ray was saying” … four consecutive times. I laughed :: but I’m sure Mr. Li won’t.

The second blunder was even more ridiculous. Li wanted Mr. Mehrevar to admit that if he had thought the situation was life threatening for others :: he obviously would have done something to stop the ceremony and get help. No dice. Dennis flat out says he wouldn’t have helped :: it wasn’t his place :: and in this situation he was totally concentrating on his own survival. Li :: shocked at the shockingness of this answer :: and trying to perform an emergency save … ended up soliciting the same response in several new ways including inserting himself into the hypothetical …

Q: “So if I was right here :: and you knew I was dying … you wouldn’t do anything to save me?”

A: “No.”


Well, if you believe in the “law” of attraction, you would have to say that Ray attracted these attorneys to himself so that he could get the verdict that he truly wants.

After all, the universe is just a genie, and all you have to do is rub the lamp to get your heart’s desires. Like a good parking spot, or free room and board, courtesy of the Arizona taxpayers.


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