Bahrain Stinks

I dreamt that I was in Bahrain.

Bahrain by Unlisted Sightings on Flickr

I was there as a guest of a Bahraini family, at their apartment. There was hair all over the floor, the chairs, the tables etc. I don’t know where the hair came from but I could not relax until I vacuumed it all up.

The place looked like no one had vacuumed it in years. They were mostly long strands of hair. There was also dirt mixed in with the hair on the floor. They, my hosts, walked around this mess barefoot.

The wife, I want to say her name was Nila, had hobbit hairy feet. The husband, I don’t recall his name, he just wanted to sit in his chair all day and watch TV, with the volume turned up.

I was there on vacation.

My son showed up, he was older than he is now. He was college aged.

He commented that I was crazy for vacuuming so much. I don’t know how or why he showed up in Bahrain, but I wouldn’t leave with him until I was done vacuuming.

I vacuumed the entire apartment, even though the maids were coming the next day. I couldn’t understand why the place was so dirty, despite their having maids that supposedly cleaned every time they came over.

After I was done, we left to go sight seeing.

The apartment was in the old part of town, in an older building, not one of the new shiny skyscrapers.

I had an older car, probably a Toyota Corolla, that I took all around Manama and the surrounding area.

All the roads I drove on, were old and pot hole marked from the war. I don’t know which war.

Lots of construction was going on everywhere you looked. New roads, new skyscrapers, new government buildings, new everything.

Somehow, they’d neglected to repave the roads.

I dropped my son off somewhere near a brand new, glistening shopping center.

They were also building a new sewage plant. For most of the time that I was there, the old one was offline. The prevailing winds brought the smell of the backed up sewage back to town. The smell was acrid and putrid.

Everyone smelled like dry sweat.

I remember thinking that I’d have to explain all of that whenever I answered “Bahrain stinks” from now on every time someone asked me about Bahrain.

That’s when I got hit by a cement truck.


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