Behind The Scenes At The Internet Marketing Syndicate

This is an eye opening video from Salty Droid. It’s a recorded call between Andy Jenkins and Jeff Walker. They pretty much just talk trash about you and I and everyone else in the marketing community.

The beauty of the recording, is that it reveals some interesting facts and numbers about the syndicate. Here are a few highlights:

  • Refund Rate: Walker mentions a 30% refund rate. That is incredibly high. I’d like to know why 1/3 of the people that bought Product Launch Formula refunded it. Was it because it sucked, or was it for some other reason?
  • Number Of Sales: This one was interesting to me. I’ve heard, and I’m sure you’ve heard of the alleged “million” dollar launches and whatnot, but this time we get to see how the numbers work out. Essentially, they email approximately one million people (from various email lists) and out of that million people, about 500-750 or so will fork out the money to buy the product. Sounds good right? Well, at best that’s around a 0.05% to 0.075% conversion rate.
  • The dirtiness of it all: Regardless of whether the product actually delivered what it promised or not, the entire session has the air of a marketing plan hatched out in the back room of the “Bada Bing” club. No, that’s not a compliment. These people don’t care about you, or your business, they only care about how much available credit you have left on your credit card.
  • How little they think of you and me: Basically, they want to sell you a magic unicorn dream. They want you to believe they are selling you a magic bullet or “business in a box” that will solve all of your problems. They know what they’re selling you isn’t a magic bullet, but they want you to believe that it is, and they will sell it to you as if it were a magic bullet.
  • Masterminding as a scam: Some people actually get value from masterminding, but these a-holes take the entire principle of masterminding and turn it into a way to get more money from you and I. I think the worst part is how little value they themselves place on masterminding. Boss Hogg says for $5000 a month I’ll talk to them on the phone for an hour or something, what an asshole a great guy.

Do yourself a favor and stop buying from any of the a-holes mentioned in the video. I’ve taken the liberty of listing them for you: Eben Pagan, Ryan Deiss, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, John Reese and Jeff Johnson.

I would even take it a step further, and stop buying from anyone that promotes anything that these guys come up with.

If you think about it, 999,500 people can’t be wrong in not buying from these people, nodamene?

One last thing: Hey Jeff, just so you know, the reason the Salty Droid (and I) think that you’re evil, is not because you sell high priced products. The reason, is that you’re an asshole selling bullshit products you employ manipulative techniques and sell products of dubious value to people for a high dollar amount. Stop fooling yourself, it’s unbecoming.


Rafael is an aviation geek, a consumer advocate, a dad, a multiple personality blogger, a photographer, politically opinionated, a videographer and many other things as well.