Blogger issues a textbook sample apology letter

This blogger named “The Upstart Blogger” issued an apology letter to Allison Reynolds, among others, and the letter is a textbook example of what an apology letter should look like.

I don’t know who this upstart blogger character is, and I don’t care either, but the letter is an awesome mea culpa.

Regardless of the letter, I feel the uptart acted like a douche bag marketer and here’s why:

I feel the deliberate actions he took to soil Allison and her compadre’s names were douche baggy at best.

I believe he probably had to issue that apology to avoid getting sued.

The DMCA and what happened here

This upstart person, entered a false DMCA claim and then proceeded to systematically soil Allison and her compadre’s names “all over the internet” because he got angry that she didn’t like his product.

A DMCA claim is for copyright infringement and it is not a tool to be used to get negative reviews of your products removed. Although tools have been known to issue false DMCA claims to silence their critics, that is not the proper use of the DMCA.

Read Salty Droid blog v. Harlan Killstein for plenty of case studies and examples on the effectiveness of using the DMCA to silence critics.

Back to the uptart blogger

A better course of action, in my opinion, would’ve been to accept the criticism as constructive and try to address all or most of the concerns in a future revision of the product. An even better course of action would be to not release poor products, but that’s a story for another day.

I feel that the fact that this guy took that kind of action only lends credibility to whatever negative was said about his product.

Here’s your lesson for the week

Actually, you may as well make it something that you take into consideration for the entire year:

Don’t be a douchebag and don’t abuse the DMCA.

Having said all that…

The first “Douchebag marketer” award of 2010 goes to the upstart blogger, for abusing the DMCA, getting caught in the act, and having to issue an apology for it.


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