Book Project Update

It probably comes as a surprise to a lot of y’all that I’ve got a book out. Indeed, I do. The funniest or weirdest thing about my book, is that it’s a joke book.

It’s a compilation that I edited from “Mexican word of the day” sayings.


Mexican Word Of The Day Cover


I had avoided doing much promotion of the book because I felt like it was not a “serious enough” of a book for me to promote.

Lo and behold, without any promotion on my behalf, the book has been selling. Not a lot, but enough to encourage me to figure out how the whole listing books for sale for the Kindle things works.

The fact that people have been buying this joke book, is partly responsible for encouraging me to pursue writing my other stories and working on another non-fiction book title.

For some unknown reason, I felt like I need to come clean about this joke book. Not that it was some kind of dirty secret or anything like that, but I wanted to make sure that I was the one that told you about it.

What’s next?

Well, I’ve decided to take the month of June to work on my books. I’m debating between finishing out my zombie book, or working on a non-fiction title that I’ve been kicking around in my head for awhile.

Really, there’s no reason why I can’t eventually do both of these books and more. I just need to decide in what order I’m going to work on them.

I’m most excited about the zombie story, so I think I’ll start with that one and work my way down my list.


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