Brazil’s Wacky Elections

I know very little about Brazilian politics. It’d be interesting to see a ploy like what this clown is doing here in the states.

Can you imagine? Some dude dressed as a clown, although he happens to be a professional clown, running for the house of representatives here? If he were to win, his opponent in the next election could legitimately say “get the clown out!”

OK, I’m having too much fun with this as it is.

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“What does a federal deputy do? Truly, I don’t know. But vote for me and I will find out for you.”

This is one of the political slogans of a man who is expected to enter the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Congress, in the general election on 3 October with the backing of more than a million voters.

If the phrase sounds like some sort of joke, perhaps you will not be surprised to learn that this particular candidate is a professional clown.

Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, or Tiririca as he is known, started working in a circus at the age of eight in the impoverished north-eastern state of Ceara, and is now a TV comedian.

Like Tiririca – which means grumpy – dozens of figures from Brazilian sport and showbusiness C-list are fighting for one of the Chamber’s 513 seats, alongside experienced politicians, members of longstanding political clans and complete newcomers.

In all there are more than 6,000 candidates from 27 parties.



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