Can We Talk About Disney For A Moment?

So, I’m not one that really buys into any kind of corporate bullshit. I’m very cynical when it comes to believing whatever or whenever a company says that they are “for the people” or they want what’s best for the fans or whatever.

When I was working full time at AT&T, there was a lady there that was a total Disney head/ fan and I did not understand it. I just couldn’t comprehend how someone could be such a big fan of Disney, specifically the parks. She was a Disney vacation club member and visited Disney several times a year, specially if there was some kind of special event or something like that.

I just couldn’t wrap my head around how someone could be such a huge fan of Disney World, until I went there.

OMG! That place is amazing!

We went, because my wife asked me if there was one place that I wanted to go to, where would it be? If it was just a place for me, that I wanted to go to without regards to what anyone else might want. I said I wanted to go to Disney World to ride the Rise of the Resistance ride. Just a one day pass for the park so I can get on the ride and that’s all I wanted.

I called it, my adult Make-a-wish trip.

On the plane, heading to Orlando
We flew Southwest

Before heading out there, I did a lot of research watching many hours worth of Youtube videos to figure out what to eat, where to go etc. and it was time well spent.

It ended up turning into a family trip, but I wasn’t the only person that was blown away by the park.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The family

Thanks to my research, I knew that Disney is doing a virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance. I knew That I needed to be ready to roll at 7am when the queue opened. Fortunately, they changed the rule where we didn’t need to be physically at the park to get on the queue, so I was able to get on the list from the hotel that we were staying at.

We managed to get group 75, with an estimated wait time of 6 hours to ride.

We moseyed on to the park, and once inside, it was like a whole other world. The Disney imagineers really know what they are doing. Going up Main Street, it looked like a movie set and there were all kinds of little shops and eateries that you could hit up.

Main Street at Hollywood Studios
Me, on my scooter. Yes, I had a scooter. There’s no way I could’ve made it without one!

I wasn’t interested in any of that, we checked out a little bit of the park but I was in a rush to get on planet because I had an appointment to build a Droid, and boy did I!

The entrance to Galaxy’s Edge
The entrance to Black Spire

I guess I forgot to mention that I had an appointment to go build a drone. We made a bee line to get to Galaxy’s Edge and get on planet Batuu and to Black Spire City where the Droid Depot is.

R2D2 Parts
R2D2 Getting activated

When I was kid, and I watched Star Wars on the big screen back in 1977, I loved R2D2. He was my favorite character, and even though in the later movies they use him as fan favorite appeasement or whatever it’s called, I still love me some R2D2. So I built me one.

My very own R2 unit!

It made me ridiculously happy to build and now own my very one R2D2 analog. I named him “Arturito” since that’s what the English “R2D2” sounds like in Spanish.

Believe me when I tell you that it felt like you were actually in Star Wars and on the planet Batuu. Those imagineers, boy howdy they know what they are doing!

On planet, on Batuu
Choke hold!

We got lunch in the backlot, just some burgers and fries but they were surprisingly reasonably priced. We also got a Wookie Cookie, one of the many things to eat that I got from my research.

The burger and fries were surprisingly good and well priced. Notice the Wookie Cookie!
The Wookie Cookie! Two oatmeal cookies stuffed with butter cream and with a chocolate bandoleer!

Rise of the Resistance

After lunch, it was time for the main attraction, the Rise of The Resistance ride.

Star destroyer bay! It was mind blowing!

OMG!, lemme say that again OMG! that ride is amazing. It was worth every penny to take the trip and get on that ride. It was so good! There’s a part where you end up face to face with an AT-AT, and they fire their lasers at you. As the laser blast goes past you, there is a blast of wind that accompanies the blast and it makes it feel like you are actually getting shot at by the AT-AT.

This dude was legit scary, and totally in character. So. Very. Cool.

Words fail me to describe how cool this ride was. I want to go back just so I can ride it again.

On the “money” portion of the Rise of the Resistance ride.

I had a huge smile on my face and for a moment, I forgot that cancer is trying to kill me.

After Rise of the Resistance. I was ridiculously hyped.

I did pay for the ride in terms of pain because the ride was a little jostled a bit more than I expected it to, but it was definitely worth the pain. Because of the pain, I needed a little break, so we moseyed over to where the Millennium Falcon is parked.

The Millennium Falcon

It’s a freaking life sized, full on Millennium Falcon that they have parked there. You better believe that there is a ride that takes you inside the Falcon, it’s called Smuggler’s Run or something like that.

It too was amazingly good. You sit in a studio quality room with full on controls of the Falcon. The entire room moves along with the controls, sort of like the flight simulators that airline pilots train on. In the ride, you go on a mission to recover/steal some Kyber crystals or something like that from the empire.

The Smuggler’s Run waiting lobby


I now get it. I get why/how that lady at work was so into Disney. Those imagineers are ballers, they know what they are doing and I can only imagine what the pitch meeting was like for the ROTR ride. They managed to make me forget that cancer is trying to kill me, that is no small feat.

After the smuggler’s run, I was spent. I had to get out of the sun/heat and had to get back to the hotel. The kids, they went on to Epcot using their park hopper pass. Michelle and I went back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the day.

It was an amazing day. I will be forever grateful to my wife for making the trip happen.

I actually want to go to Disney Land so I can visit the Avenger’s Campus. From what I’ve seen online, that place is amazing too. they have an actual Spiderman and a Black Panther roaming around doing stunts and tricks and of course the Dora Millaje is making their presence known there too.

Color me a Disney head now.


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