Catholic Church Approves iPhone App

The catholic church has given its blessings to an iPhone app that guides you through a confession. I’m sure there’s an episode of “Family Guy” or something in here.

So, the catholic church will approve an iPhone app, but won’t approve condoms for contraception or to prevent the spread of STDs. Awesome stuff.

Way to go Ratz! Way to stay up with the times.

I also like that the church has determined that using social networking sites is not a sin. I feel so much better about spending time on Facebook now.

Do you think the church would approve an iPhone app that lets people report sexual abuse by priests?

The app would tell you to shut up and think about the good of the church, then it would recommend that you change parish but it won’t actually send the report anywhere. The report would just be deleted as soon as it’s submitted.

Something tells me, the church would not approve.

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The Confession program has gone on sale through iTunes for £1.19 ($1.99).

Described as “the perfect aid for every penitent”, it offers users tips and guidelines to help them with the sacrament.

Now senior church officials in both the UK and US have given it their seal of approval, in what is thought to be a first.

The app takes users through the sacrament – in which Catholics admit their wrongdoings – and allows them to keep track of their sins.

It also allows them to examine their conscience based on personalised factors such as age, sex and marital status – but it is not intended to replace traditional confession entirely.

Instead, it encourages users to understand their actions and then visit their priest for absolution.

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