Cool Jobs That Don’t Pay Much

I came across this list and noticed something interesting. The original article features 25 people that love what they do, but out of the 25, 4 of them are photographers and 1 of them is a driver.

Interestingly, there was a linked article that talked about the most lucrative careers, and none of the careers that people “love” to do are on the list.

I guess, you can make a lot of money, or love what you do but you can’t do both.

Maybe not quite that simple, but maybe it is that simple.

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“I get to come up with and create new candy ideas for my company, Some of my ideas include candy necklaces and giant gummy letters. I work with my dad, David Klein, who is also a candy inventor. He invented Jelly Belly’s and Sour Licorice.” — Roxy Klein, Can You Imagine That! Inc.

“I am a boudoir photographer. I have women come to me for beautiful, tasteful images for their honey. What is most interesting (and gratifying) to me is when they leave, they realize that it is more for them than for the one they came in to give a gift to.” — Jill Thibodeau

“I own a lifestyle photographer business. I basically focus on families and children. When I’m not photographing families, I meet mommies out at parks or at their house and basically play with the kids while I take their photos. A happy child in their own element makes for great images. My job is to make them laugh and play, while I capture them carefree and enjoying life.” — Gwendolyn Allen

“I have a part-time job I love called ‘author escort’ or ‘literary escort.’ I get paid to drive authors around the Seattle area when they come here on book and media tours. It’s a fantastic job that puts me in regular contact with top journalists, scholars and writers. The people I have escorted include a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a famous wrestler, Stephanie Meyers, a bomb detonation expert, Anthony Bourdain, Dr. Cornell West, etc.” — Diane Duthweiler, Book It Northwest

“I’m co-owner and photographer at Bark Pet Photography, a Los Angeles-based pet photography business. I get paid to play with animals.” — Kim Rodgers

“I am a travel writer and photographer who focuses on adventure. When I’m not zigzagging around the planet — swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands or roaming the remote jungles of India — I’m writing about my adventures, the environment, fitness, health and wellness, extraordinary people and social injustice issues.” — Sarah Sekula, freelance writer

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