Creation Rex’s cousin TiaJuana Saurus Mex


One of the interesting things about Pittsburgh is that it’s a very close knit community. One of our hosts described Pittsburgh as “the biggest small town in America” and I have to agree with that.

There’s probably 2.5 million people in the Pittsburgh metro area yet everyone seems to really care about each other.

One of the more interesting things about Pittsburgh, is Creation Rex. He’s the dinosaur that serves as the mouth piece for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Creation Rex is also very vociferous about things that happen in city politics, sports and arts circles.

This whole Creation Rex and his blog thing got me to thinking about writing avatars.

I think that a lot people would have a great time writing with or under an avatar. Let me explain.

When you write, you’re supposed to create an avatar of the person that you’re targeting. So you picture your target reader’s age, occupation, their business profile etc. and you write to that avatar.

Now, turn it around and create a writing avatar for yourself. You write as your avatar, be it Creation Rex, Salty Droid or whomever.

Whoever is behind Creation Rex writing the blog posts etc. has an enviable amount of freedom of expression. He can say what he wants without having to be himself. It’s a double edged sword to a certain degree, but regardless, I think it would be a lot of fun.

What do you think about writing under an avatar?


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