Dallas Mansion For Rent – Faux Pas

Seriously, who came up with this idea? This late in the game, they are still trying to rent out this mansion in Dallas. They are targeting a high end clientele, yet their marketing material is, shall we say, “lacking?”

I think that “lacking” is the most polite way to say it since they still haven’t rented the place out.

The brochure that they put together for the mansion, is nothing more than a MS Word document, with virtually no formatting, printed to PDF.

Methinks the nouveau riche people that would want to rent out the house for $300k, would at least expect an MS Publisher document or something like that.

Sheeshmon, you couldn’t think to download a preview copy of InDesign and use that to design the brochure?

I recommend the agent trying to rent out this place watch a couple of episodes of “Selling New York” so she can get an idea of how to put together a marketing package for high end customers.

Here’s the link to the brochure so you can see what I’m talking about.

Amplify’d from news.yahoo.com

DALLAS — Homes, apartments, and even trailers are being rented for the Super Bowl. Today, we stumbled upon a gold mine: The mansion of Guy Mascolo, one half of the company Toni & Guy, is for rent for five nights around the Super Bowl. Mascolo died in 2009, and his wife, Flora, currently lives in the sprawling manse that took six years to build. It’s located near the Dallas North Tollway and Frankford Road in North Dallas.

But we’ll do you one more: Not only is this North Dallas palace available to a group of 18 people, but a larger package will fly you on a Lear jet to Dallas, buy you 18 Super Bowl tickets, and supply you with a limo to and from the game. They’ll also throw in a private chef to serve up two four-course dinners, host a cocktail reception, throw a pre-Super Bowl party, and let you use the Ferrari. And I’m paraphrasing here; the other available services were too long to list.

All that, plus the house, costs about $300,000 for five nights.

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