Death of the land line phone

A few weeks back I read an article on the BBC’s website about the death of the land line. More recently I came across an article on Yahoo finance talking about the same thing. I don’t understand why there’s such a big commotion about this.

I believe the last time I had a land line was the summer of 2001.

Most of the people that I know do not have a landline phone, and no one seems to miss having one anyway. When I first went all wireless, I was worried about my phone minutes, but I just trained myself to not talk too much during the day and to save my conversations for when the minutes went unlimited.

I still follow that routine to this day.

Since long distance is included in the price of the monthly plan, with the exception of international calls, I have a $0 long distance bill. For international calls, I pay a fee for reduced rates to the country I call the most, but I’ve gotten in the habit of using Skype for those calls now too.

Skype calls between Skype users are free regardless if you’re calling next door or to another continent.

An old boss was surprised to learn that I didn’t have a land line phone. She said that credit rating agencies took whether you have a home phone into account when calculating your credit score. Something about if you have a landline you’re more likely to stay at a specific location, making you less of a risk.

I can see the logic of that assumption, 5-10 years ago. I don’t see that as a reality anymore.

According to that Yahoo article I referenced earlier, as of 2006, more than 20% of households in the USA do not have a land line phone. I think the percentage of homes without a land line phone might be much higher now.

What do you think about all this? Do you have a land line phone at your house?

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