Demolition Man and The Three Sea Shells

demolition man
This person, does not have to learn to use the 3 sea shells. #demolitionman via Instagram

I have a thing for crappy movies. Demolition Man is right up there in the heirarchy of crappy movies. It is a seriously crappy movie that makes no sense whatsoever.

Have you ever tried to figure out the plot of Demolition Man? They make some huge assumptions about human nature and they certainly play it fast and loose with people’s ability to remember the past.

Anyway, there’s this whole thing about how when people take a dump in the future, instead of using paper they use “the three shells.” Future people are total dicks to Stallone’s character for not knowing how to use the shells.

I mean, they guy was frozen for 50 years or whatever so there’s no way that he could have know how to use the three shells. Instead of explaining how to use the shells to him, these dicks laugh at him for not knowing how to use the shells.

The worst part about the Demolition Man future, even worse than the outfits, is that in the future all restaurants are Taco Bell. Yuck.

I hate Taco Bell.


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