Disappointed With COTA

us grand prix austin cota_2012_012Dear Circuit Of The Americas,

I’m very disappointed with you. The whole thing with the tickets is what did you in. I can understand that things get backed up and deadlines slip and whatever, but is there really any real reason for you to not have shipped the tickets in October like you promised?

You forced everyone that went to your website to buy tickets through crappy ticketmaster, and then, made it so that people that bought their tickets through you directly got the commemorative tickets but everyone that went through ticketmaster gets shitty looking concert stub type tickets. What the shit?

Here I sit, on the Sunday before the race ticket less, sans ticket as the French would say.

Where are my tickets? I paid ticketmaster in May for my tickets, where are my ticket? $40 in fees and I still don’t have my tickets.

Maybe I’m not disappointed with COTA but more disappointed with ticketmaster (LTC).

The point being, I WANT MY DADGUM TICKET!


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