Facebook sues start-up for using ‘book’ in name

I was perusing CNNMoney when I came across this article:

Facebook is suing start-up site Teachbook.com for using the word “book” in its name, according to court documents.

The complaint, filed in a California district court last Wednesday, alleges that Teachbook is “rid[ing] on the coattails of the fame and enormous goodwill of the Facebook trademark,”

I think I can see the argument on the part of the defense. It’ll be similar to the argument that the makers of “You’ve got mail” used to defend themselves from AOL.

The argument the movie makers used was “You can’t express the concept of ‘you have mail’ without using the words ‘you’ ‘have’ and ‘mail.’

Similarly, I think the makers of Teachbook, can argue that you can’t express the concept of a “book” without using the word “book.” Or maybe they should say something like teachers use books, this is a networking site for teachers, whence teachbook.

Can you tell I’m not a lawyer?

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