Fat Man To Sue NHS For Letting Him Get Fat

I saw this guy on TV the other day and he’s a whiny crying little bitch. He got fat on his own. I don’t see how the NHS is responsible for him putting 20,000 calories a day into his fat mouth.

“Ride your bike more” seems like a reasonable recommendation to get more exercise. Seeing a dietician also seems reasonable for figuring out what to eat.

This guy has no job, and gets round the clock care from a nurse that the NHS pays for. He lives by, and thanks to, sucking on the state teet and he has the gall to want to sue.

Take some responsibility Paul, you ate the food, you got fat. NHS didn’t let you get fat, you did that to yourself.

70 stone is 980 lbs (444 kg). Paul got a gastric bypass, paid for by NHS, and is now down to “only” 37 stone aka 518 lbs, aka 235 kg.

Amplify’d from www.thesun.co.uk

MAN mountain Paul Mason plans to SUE the NHS – claiming they ignored his
plight as he rocketed towards 70 stone.

Paul – once the world’s fattest man – vowed to use any compo to help other
patients who need weight-loss ops.

The 50-year-old, of Ipswich, said he begged his local NHS trust for help at

But the medic he consulted in 1996 told him: “Ride your bike more.”

When the former postman hit 64st he asked to see an eating disorders
specialist, but was sent to a dietician.

Huge … Paul as his weight soared

He had life-saving gastric surgery last year and is now a relatively slim

Paul said: “I want to set a precedent so no one else has to get to the same
size – and to put something back into society.”

We revealed this month how his weight had made him feel so guilty he tried to
kill himself THREE times.

He took an overdose of powerful pain killers because of his huge body mass
they failed to do any harm. He later slashed his wrists after having an
earlier gastric band op cancelled.

Five more years passed before he was given the chance to have the operation.

But in that time he was housebound and could not even go to the funeral of his
mum Janet last year.

At his heaviest Paul was eating 20,000 calories a day – ten times what a
normal, healthy man should consume – and the cost of caring for him is
thought to have hit £1million in 15 years.

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