Finally, An Oil Change For The Camry

I finally managed to get the oil in the Camry changed out. I ended up having to go the dealership, which I was not too happy about.

Little did I know, the closest dealership to me, which also happens to be where I bought the car, has an express lube center. All I had to do was drive up, no appointment needed.

I also needed a state safety inspection for my car. I had that done at the same time that they changed the oil. Well, not literally at the same time, but during the same visit.

One of the reasons I didn’t want to go to a dealership was because I thought it was going to be more expensive than going to a third party, independent oil change place. Turns out, I was wrong. Including the state inspection, I still paid less than I would have paid for the oil change alone at the third party place.

That, was a nice surprise.

So, in another 10-15,000 miles I’ll be back for another synthetic oil change. If I still own this car by then.


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