Finding my voice


I’ve been using social media tools for awhile now, starting off with Friendster and MySpace and now with Twitter, Facebook and so on.  During my time online, I’ve mostly talked about my exploits and adventures.

From the fun that I’ve had running through the woods looking for beer, to cruising the caribbean, the foibles of working for a large company or relationship matters, most of what I’ve talked about has been nonsensical stuff.

Up until this point, I hadn’t really settled on what I wanted to talk about.

I had not yet answered the question: “What was it that I want my voice to be about?”

I’ve wrestled with that question for awhile and I’ve come to the conclusion that my voice, or your voice or that matter, needs to have certain characteristics.

These are the points that I think my voice, needs to have:

  1. My voice needs to be passionate.  I need to talk about something that I’m passionate about.
  2. I need to be knowledgeable. I need to know what you’re talking about, or at least explore what it is that I want to talk about.
  3. I need to have a point.
  4. I need to be able to connect with people on a personal level.
  5. I need to be able to help people somehow.

There’s nothing wrong with not having all 5 of these things. In fact, there’s more than just these 5 things to take into account. I just figured these 5 would be a good jumping off point.

Lots of people have very loud voices, yet they do none of these 5 things. These same people tend to be politicians, TV news presenters or loud mouth marketers, but I digress.

I feel, very strongly, that in order to be “right” and have true success, you need to somehow employ these 5 elements into your voice.

I don’t believe that you need to be:

  1. Controversial and hateful.
  2. Proud of being ignorant.
  3. Blatant self promoter, you don’t want to be a social media douchebag like Bacak is.
  4. Underhanded.
  5. Destructive.

Unfortunately, more people seem to follow this second set than follow the first set.

I believe that in order to lead, you must serve. I believe that in order to serve, you must be humble. I don’t believe that success can really be measured by your bank account.

What’s the point of this post?

The point of this post is simply to say this: I think I’ve found my voice.


Rafael is an aviation geek, a consumer advocate, a dad, a multiple personality blogger, a photographer, politically opinionated, a videographer and many other things as well.