Follow your dreams

At church group meeting, we read a book called The Dream Giver

It’s the story about a guy named “Ordinary” who lived in a city named “Familiar” to whom nothing happened everyday.

Here’s my summary:

Ordinary went to his “regular job” day in and day out. He would come home, have pretty much the same thing for dinner everyday and then he would sit in his recliner and watch nothing on the box (aka TV) until it was time to go to sleep.

Ordinary thought he was content, but he really wasn’t.

He felt uneasy and sad, nothing ever changed.

One day, Ordinary discovered that he had a dream within him.

He dreamt that he was meant to be more than what he was. He dreamt that he deserved more out of life. He dreamt that he could have a better life, he dreamt that he could be Somebody.

Ordinary had doubts about himself and his abilities. He had doubts that he would be able to accomplish his dreams.

People that loved him, tried to talk him out of trying to become somebody.  He had doubts that he was worthy of his dream.

In order to pursue his dream, Ordinary had to leave Familiar behind.

He had to get out of his comfort zone. Ordinary had to get through the invisible wall of fear, overcome his bullies, cross over the wide river of the unknown and find the courage within him to become Somebody.

That’s a summary of the first 3 chapters in the book.

This book spoke to me on a deeply personal level. I feel like it was written for me, about me. I was having doubts about my dream and about whether I was worthy of my dream.

I am starting to believe; both in myself and in my dream. / CC BY 2.0


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