Four Sales Page Elements That Get People To Buy Now

This is a good read, but let me save you some time. Look up “Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.” Everything that I’ve seen and read that deals with writing a sales letter, or selling something in general always reverts back to Monroe.

The sequence is this:

1. Attention – aka build rapport – aka “I’m just like you” or “I know you”
2. Need – remind them of their pain – aka “I bet you’re here and it sucks”
3. Satisfaction – tell them about the solutions to their problems
4. Visualization – show them the solutions at work – aka “help them picture in their mind the solutions from #3 at work for them”
5. Action – call to action – aka “this is what I want you to do”

That’s it. Practice Monroe and you’ll be good to go.

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When your sales page isn’t converting the way you need it to, it doesn’t just hurt your bottom line – it can cripple your confidence as a writer and make you doubt your future as a marketer.

On top of that, the frustration of having to rewrite underperforming copy can make copywriting seem like a tedious chore instead of the enjoyable exercise in persuasion it’s meant to be.

Fortunately, there are simple (but powerful) ways to write highly effective copy the first time – copy that gets readers emotionally invested and ready to click that “Add to Cart” button.




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