Google Blacklists Words From Google Instant

This is interesting. Most of the words are borderline, if not totally, inappropriate. It’s interesting to see what the big G considers to be bad enough to ban them from the instant search results.

Check out the source for a more thorough list.

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Google Blacklist Words

(the capital letter indicates where the blacklist kicks in)

Google Instant is the latest incarnation of the search engine that fills in potential responses as you type them into the Google search bar. Some people think this is great while others feel like Google is reading their minds and are freaked out by it. We believe it’s fun for at least one reason.

Like everything these days, great care must be taken to ensure that as few people as possible are offended by anything. Google Instant is no exception. Somewhere within Google there exists a master list of “bad words” and evil concepts that Google Instant is programmed to not act upon, lest someone see something offensive in the instant results… even if that’s exactly what they typed into the search bar. We call it Google Blacklist.

Give it a try. Go to the Google home page. Type in “puppy” and see the many results that fill your screen. Now type “bitch” and admire the blank screen. In this case, the two words could mean the exact same thing. But Google Instant is erring on the side of caution, protecting the searcher from seeing something they may not want to see.

Obviously, all you have to do is hit return to get the results like you always could. However, even when your request isn’t blacklisted, you’re not getting the SAME results that you would get by hitting return. Entering “murder” into the search bar gets you suggestions of mostly band names. It’s only after you hit return that you can learn the other sinister meaning of the word. What we have here is a demonstration of how content can be filtered, controlled, and ultimately suppressed. It is indeed a good thing that Google isn’t evil.

We thought it would be great fun to compile as many of these objectionable terms as possible – and also see what objectionable terms were NOT included. We need your input to help make this a complete list. If you find a Google Blacklist word or phrase that isn’t included here, email us at and we’ll add it (no questions asked). We’re getting a ton of submissions and we’re adding new ones as often as we can. Keep them coming!


  • 2g1c
  • 4chan (blacklists if a “B” or “Y” is entered after a space) (UPDATE: “4chan Y” no longer is blacklisted) [thanks Sasa]
  • a2m (blacklists after space) [thanks nic]
  • acrotOmophilia (the things you can learn from this list!) [thanks Anonymous Entity]
  • adUlt (seriously!) [thanks bored]
  • amaTeur [thanks Bill]
  • anal (blacklists after a space)
  • anilinGus [thanks Bill]
  • anuS (there really seems to be more blacklisting in this part of the anatomy than anywhere else)
  • are (this is a VERY interesting one. if you stick “are” after the following words, the blacklist kicks in: jews, christians, catholics born-again christians, evangelical christians, atheists, muslims, blacks, whites, italians, mexicans, chinese, japanese, germans, arabs, french, buddhists. the blacklist does NOT kick in when these words are entered before “are”: terrorists, scientologists, agnostics, seventh day adventists, jehovah’s witnesses, mormons, protestants, evangelists, pentecostalists, columbians, panamanians, iranians, iraqis, koreans, persians, turks.) [thanks Matt]
  • are idiotS (most any word before this phrase will generate a blacklist – this is really protecting us from ANY sort of negativity)
  • arseHole [thanks Badspyro]
  • aryaN (it’s not JUST a racist movement, Google – go read Wikipedia)
  • asian baBe [thanks nic]
  • ass (blacklists after a space – you will thus see nothing for “ass monkey”)
  • assHole (OK to say on network TV but not here)
  • assmUnch (you can even say this one in church)
  • auto eRotic [thanks bored]
  • autoerotiC [thanks Bill]
  • babeS in toyland (thank you Google for sheltering us from the 1961 film classic)
  • babelAnd [thanks]
  • baby battEr [thanks bored]
  • ball GravY (who comes up with these?) [thanks John]
  • ball SaCk [thanks xcitor]
  • ball gaG [thanks EricaHart]
  • ball kiCking (goodbye football) [thanks EricaHart]




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