How Best Buy Lost A Good Customer

I’m writing this post up on my iPhone because I’m really angry at Best Buy. My girlfriend, who has been a good and loyal customer of Best Buy, mostly at my recommendation, was screwed by them.

Not in the “ooh baby give me more” way, but in the “are you freaking serious??” sort of way.

You see, she just paid off her Best Buy credit card, the money cleared her bank earlier this week. Today, she was excited about buying herself an iPad.

We picked it out, bought the protection plan, a couple of accessories and then went to pay. But her Best Buy card was declined.

Curious and furious, we called the credit card division and were told that even though the money was withdrawn from my girlfriend’s account, they had not yet credited the payment to her account.

Apparently, it can take up to 14 DAYS for THEM to credit the account after a payment is received.

The account shows that there is a payment pending, but they won’t release the available credit unless we fax them some kind of proof that they have the money.

So, instead of writing to tell you how great Best Buy is, and how happy my girlfriend is with her new iPad, I’m writing to tell you how much Best Buy sucks.

They’ve not only lost her as a customer, but they’ve lost me as well. In a world where you can pretty much buy anything online and get it delivered to your house, brick and mortar retailers can’t really afford to lose loyal customers that don’t mind driving to the store to pick up what an online retailer will gladly deliver to their house for free.

Best Buy Sucks

As of Jun 07, the credit has still not been made available.


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