How To Look Good on TV

I’ve been folowing the story of James A Ray, aka Death Ray on TV and other media. In case you don’t know who this guy is, he’s the “Spiritual Guru” responsible for 4 deaths in 90 days during the summer of 2009. As of this writing, there’s rumbling of criminal charges, but nothing has been filed so far.

But, that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is lighting and how lighting can affect how people feel about you.

Here’s a picture of Death Ray in happier times that I snagged from salty droid:

See how Death Ray looks all nice and even? See how he looks healthy and vibrant with his shiny white teeth, coiffed hair etc.? He looks like a new fangled and handsome spiritual guru.

Now, look at him in this screen capture from


Let’s give him the “innocent until proven guilty” benefit of the doubt. In the second picture, he looks sick, shiny, sallow and evil. He is definitely not attracting harmonic concordance or whatever made up bull malarky he was selling to people at the spiritual warrior retreat.

Death Ray should’ve used the law of attraction to attract a make up artist to fix him up a bit before filming that interview.

Here are my tips for looking good on TV:

  1. Don’t kill anyone
  2. Wipe your face off with a towel or some shine-away
  3. Use some base, yes, even if you’re a guy. The base helps cut down the shiny sweatiness factor.

I learned tips B and C at Podcamp in Pittsburgh. I learned tip A from my parents, the Bible, and society in general.


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