Hugo Chavez Died Today

Allegedly, Hugo Chavez died today, but my inner conspiracy theorist thinks that Chavez was already dead when he was brought back from Cuba and that his supporters have been preparing for riots/looting/coup d’ etat upon the release of the news. I know that it’s wrong, but I’m glad that he’s dead, although on one hand I wish he wasn’t dead so he could answer for his crimes.

I don’t care that his supporters are “heart broken” because I do not believe that they had a heart to begin with.

I have nothing nice to say about the man that persecuted my family members. Pelvic cancer, seems like it would have caused him a lot of pain, and that gives me some solace. I don’t wish that he rot in hell, I just want him to not exist anymore.

It will take years to undo the damage that he has done to Venezuela. From the decrepit infrastructure to the rampant crime and corruption in the government, no previous government has done so much to disregard the rule of law as his had/ has.

I pray that his cronies will be brought to justice as the criminals that they are and that they are treated with the same “fairness” that he treated his enemies. Payback, is a bitch.

I seriously doubt that his death will bring any sort of closure or cure for what ails Venezuela. I know that now we need to figure out a way to get his cronies out of government and into jail, where they belong since they are traitors that gave away Venezuela’s independence and sovereignty to Cuba. High treason, should be punished severely.

Assuming that there is an afterlife, I do not wish for any peace for his soul. If there is no afterlife, then there’s nothing else to say about that now is there?

I will say this one nice thing about him, he said in an interview way back in 1998 or something like that, that he would not govern past 2013. I think he said something like “past 2013, there is no reason for me to remain in politics.” Truer words, will never be spoken about him.


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