Hugo Chavez Prepares For A Third Coup d’etat

This is a Google translation of the Spanish text. Follow the link to read the original text in Spanish, but the point is this:

Hugo Chavez, despite what whiny bleeding heart liberals like Sean Penn, Danny Glover and Oliver Stone say, is really a despot and a dictator. Chavez is prepared to stage a third coup to retake power for himself, should he lose the general elections in 2012.

That’s right, I said his third coup.

Chavez is the only person that has led a coup d’ etat against the government of Venezuela in the last 50 years, not once but twice. When he leads the coup d’ etat that he’s already announced in 2012, it will be Chavez’s third coup in 15 years.

If that’s how you define a democratic government, I have some ocean front property for you Arizona that you can buy for cheap.

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The surprise, scandal and embarrassment with which the manifesto was received coup by General Rangel Silva are inexplicable. It is, yes, the concern for democracy, the country’s political future and the fear generated by threats sputtered by who was the sidekick and confidant of President Hugo Chávez of gorillas that morning turned out to be the 4F.

But tearing his hair out because Chavez and his supporters are preparing a coup in case you lose the presidential elections of 2012, is being too generous. Rangel While it is an outrage, at the end is the official and public ratification of a condition, a way of being and of a nature that, after eleven years in power, remains the same. If I win I am a Democrat and as mine, if I lose, I’ll blow your head because I have the tanks, rifles and machine guns. That was always true, only that the club was kept behind the door because it was not necessary. The votes are replaced.

Now the club resonates with renewed strength, the pack growl and confidence man, the perfect second son, who cries with joy and sincere proverbial “Order, President Commander” was chosen for paging, as an echo, the admonition dropped, and incidentally, in an Alo Presidente: if the opposition wins “would not stop a violent revolution led by the military and the Venezuelan people.”

However, threats are empty, lack of livelihood insecurity and denote tacit recognition of the loss of the basic reason for your domain: popular support. Chavez knows he will lose in 2012 because it has a chance to resolve the crisis in the country. Unable to stem the tide of violence (50 killed every week), unemployment, inflation, the collapse of health, housing shortage, the wave of corruption, links to drug trafficking, the collapse of populism, authoritarianism failed and the decline of the ruling class is aware that the return of two years the situation will be worse and he will pay the consequences. The output that is, ready, as it is, to stay in power is violence.

That moment was sung and Chavez expected, even from its earliest times of inexperienced conspirator, when he dreamed of entry (on a tank) Miraflores triumphant because the democratic parenthesis opened for access to power and now wants to close, came almost unexpectedly. But that “change the sign of the revolution”, which involve pure and simple dictatorship may never happen and threats at once, now, look like a bluff.

Chavez will seek to repolarize, divide and segment, as it has done so far (the song of Rangel Silva is part of the strategy), but the flute and does not sound and if you’re losing the popular forces most likely will happens the same with the military.

General Henry Rangel Silva, head of the Strategic Operational Command




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