Hugo Chavez To Govern By Decree, Again

This article was originally in Spanish and was printed on “El Universal.” I’m too lazy to translate it manually, so I asked Google to translate it for me. I think you can still make out the gist of the article.

Caracas .- The vice president, Elias Jaua announced that the application Enabling Act provides in effect for 12 months for President Hugo Chávez has the power to legislate to address the emergency that was enacted by the rains in the country.

The vice president said that once approved the Enabling Act, as expected to occur “in the next 15 days will be issued the first decrees laws.”

“The request made by the President for 12 months in order to give the body of laws needed to address a deep crisis, based mainly on the structural causes that have kept the Venezuelan population in poverty, aggravated by natural phenomena that have occurred in the last decade of global climate change, “said the vice president.

He said the current National Assembly and will be installed on 5 January, “have full legislative power,” plus “is a constitutional authority of President Hugo Chavez seek to pass laws enabling law.”

Some of the areas in which the president would legislate according Jaua are the socio-economic, public safety and legal defense integral and comprehensive cooperation.

The vice president believes that some media outlets that try to “underestimate” the magnitude of the crisis caused by the rains in the country.

“They are deep the measures we take, almost 40% of the territory was concerned, we have a high percentage of the roads of the country destroyed, there is much loss of crop, 130 thousand people affected, the impact on the economy and conditions of life are serious and need a legislature to address them. ”

Spring Law

Jaua is cooling to the amendments to the Law on Social Responsibility in Radio and Television on which said it “has nothing to do with restricting access to Internet users.”

He recalled that the government is the first to have worked – with the nationalization of CANTV, among other measures to expand citizen access to the Internet.

Jaua view of the law is “that the domestic Internet servers take a constitutional reality that is the administration of free and plural communication but with responsibility.”

“We can not allow a server hidden behind freedom of expression allow it to conduct forums in which incite to racial hatred, the killing of citizens, that is unconstitutional and that is what the law states, the liability of providers of service situations involving crime. ”

Obviously, Hugo and his cronies don’t see themselves as partly responsible for the poverty in Venezuela, eventhough they fully are. The Chavistas fail to mention that they’ve had over 10 years to fix the poverty problem in Venezuela and have failed miserably. I doubt that 12 months of special presidential powers are going to do anything to help.

The part that bothers me the most, is the part about blocking internet access. That dog don’t hunt. The reasons that the “Vice” gives are bullshit. If it were really a case of wanting to prevent people form inciting violence etc. then, Chavez himself should have been jailed, again, eons ago for that same offense.

I’m sure that all the “focas” aka “seals” aka Chavez supporting representatives in the National Assembly will vote to approve these new powers, like the good little female dogs in heat lapdogs that they are.


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