I Have Decided On A March Blogging Self Challenge

This Is Sparta!I’ve decided, that I need a blogging self challenge for the month of March. I think, that you should join me too. Here’s the challenge for March:

1 blog post per day, spread out over all of my blogs.

My goal, is to ween down on my total number of blogs. I feel like I have too many of them, which spreads me thin and makes me forget some of them for a long period of time.

Why March?

Most of my blog urls need to be renewed in March for some odd reason. Actually, I used to know the reason, but I have since forgotten, or chosen to forget it.

The criteria for cutting a blog will be: any blog for which I can’t think of anything to say for more than a few days at a time, or can’t get inspired to use up my 50 blog topics list, will be cut.

That seems like a good plan to me.

First, some ground rules:

  • The post has to be at least 250 words long, unless it makes sense for it to be shorter than that.
  • The blog post needs to make sense. It can’t just be a stream of consciousness post, there has to be a point to it.
  • Not all posts need to be published or made public.
If any of you would like to join me, please let me know in the comments so I can link to you. If you think it would help, I can post a list of topics to blog about for the month.

I can already think of a couple of blogs that will not make the cut and that makes me happy.


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