I’m Making A Guest Appearance On The Movie Junkies!

I’ll be on this show later today! Make sure you tune in to watch and ask me any questions you have about streaming media and videography!

Amplify’d from themoviejunkies.com

We will also have a local videographer, Rafael Marquez with 42 Media Solutions on the show as a guest showing some of his work. Come join us every Tuesday on www.smtx.tv at  8-9 pm CST. Get YOUR Fix! Call 512-754-0084  or Skype in at SMTX.TV to participate.

Come join us at our live show on www.smtx.tv every Tuesday night at 8 pm CST. We have great discussions on trends in movie industry, local film making, interesting movie reviews and live guests. Feel free to call or skype into the show. You can also go to www.smtx.tv to see archived past shows anytime.

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