Integration for Muslims Easier In Scotland Than England?

This is a weird article. In one part, it says that it’s easier for muslims to integrate into Scottish society than it is for them to integrate into English society. In a different part, it says muslims can’t or won’t integrate into Scottish society because the Scottish like to drink liquor.

So, which one is it?

Integration is easier for Muslims in Scotland than in England, new research has suggested.

The poll, for the British Council Scotland, also found six out of 10 Scots believed Muslims were integrated into everyday Scottish life.

However, it also found that Scots have a less favourable opinion of Muslims than other religious groups.

And those who responded felt one of the barriers to adapting to Scottish life was the country’s drinking culture.

Muslim participants frequently cited Scottish people’s relationship with alcohol, in terms of integration and more generally as most Muslims do not drink alcohol.

As most social events in Scotland were seen to revolve around drinking alcohol, many Muslims felt they could not often fully integrate.

This was seen by both as a major practical barrier in the integration of Muslims into Scottish life.




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